A bright red hermit crab with a greenish shell on its back.

You’re Like a Hermit Crab

HERMIT CRABS CARRY their homes on their back, and when they outgrow their current shell, they find a larger one and easily flip their entire body into something new, and then confidently continue moving along.

It’s about stability and change - hidden and shown - protection and vulnerability in a deep, practical, and joyful way.

Crabs are like us when we leave home and find another home to live in, and this may happen many times in our lives and also in our snug selves.

Hermit crabs are adaptable, persistent, and social even while seeming alone.

Who hasn’t made a choice to retreat into their shell like a solitary hermit?

This small creature is on a path like you and me. Adventurous and free, loving to explore — climbing bushes, fences, carefully edging along the side of walls, even climbing and clinging to screen doors. They are looking for opportunities.

They’re tough, putting on their armor when they need to while also being open, soft, and available, just like you and me.

Hermit crabs are one of my favorite beings on earth. Their resourcefulness inspires me, as do their colors, sensitivity, compact energy, and the variety of shells I see moving around my yard.

(I have a stash of empty shells on my front steps to make it easy for them to find a new home.)

Thanks — Michael



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