Brilliant red blossom with hundreds of tiny star shaped blossoms blending together.
photo — Michael Feeley

Working Together is Possible

THESE TINY SINGULAR X-shaped blossoms work together to produce this abundant, striking red Ixora plant, also known as Jungle Flame.

No shrinking or hiding or playing small here!

Jungle Flame shows you what teamwork can do.

One small star flower joins with many others to make for one grand blossom — each separate and united for wholeness and beauty — the integrity of the flower.

> What can a government, community, family, business, and individual self learn from this?

> How can you put together the different parts of your self and be one harmonious person?

Having things work together is a choice. We work at it every day and all day long.

Nature is teaching us how to flourish and be passionate with intense, long-lasting, and attractive colors.

If unity works so well in nature, why can’t it work everywhere?

Thanks — Michael



An Akimbo Workshop Coach (Seth Godin). Michael writes daily at Commit2Change

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