Two Sketches of bullies standing over man hiding on the floor

Resistance is Real

HOW DO YOU talk to yourself — with kindness or brutality?

We all judge ourselves. Frequently we are cruel with personal criticism that stops us from being as valuable and creative as we want to be in our lives and work.

It’s Resistance.

Everyone has it. Resistance is real.

> Your inner critic stops you from sharing your world value and gifts that people are seeking.

> Your narrow self encourages you to hide, not to be opened, generous and expressed.

> Your gremlin locks you down from contributing and collaborating with others.

> Imposter syndrome consistently tells you that you are not good enough and never will be for practically anything you attempt; no matter how successful you get to be, you’re an emotional and intellectual lightweight that other people tolerate.

It’s essential to recognize the way your heckler creates doubt and fear because then you can change it and be productive.

One way is to be a kind and accurate critic of yourself, valuing your gifts and skills that matter.

Self-kindness and self-exactitude are self-dignity and self-respect.

Honor yourself and let your inside truth out. Don’t let resistance smother your genius.

Resistance is poison.

It hates understanding so go after knowing it.

“Resistance’s goal is not to wound or disable. Resistance aims to kill.
Its target is the epicenter of our being: our genius, our soul,
the unique and priceless gift we were put on this earth to give and that no one else has but us. Resistance means business.
When we fight it, we are in a war to the death.”

Steven PressfieldThe War of Art.

Thanks — Michael (he, him)




An Akimbo Workshop Coach (Seth Godin). Michael writes daily at Commit2Change

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Michael Feeley

Michael Feeley

An Akimbo Workshop Coach (Seth Godin). Michael writes daily at Commit2Change

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