Happy black woman shaking hands at a job interview

One Word is Your Hiring Card


1. Please write your answer out in one paragraph.

2. Then edit it down to one sentence.

3. Then provide us with one word.

This 3 step process will help you tell the truth about who you are at job interviews with depth and heartfelt precision.

One word becomes your hiring card.

Reliable — that is my one word.

I will show up and do my best work above and beyond what you expect. Helping you succeed by getting you to where you want to go with pleasure and creativity.

I care about you. I will not quit on you or let you down because you and the work matter.

You can count on me to do the emotional labor needed to know you and others with empathy.

Reliable — that is my promise. It is my service and work ethic.

See what I mean about knowing the facts about your self and what people will get when they hire you?

Thanks — Michael (he, him)



An Akimbo Workshop Coach (Seth Godin). Michael writes daily at Commit2Change https://michaelfeeleylifecoach.com/

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