Sunrise appearing on the edge of the earth from outer space.

IT’S A CHOICE and a commitment to be your true self. Entirely you always and in all ways. Accepting who you are and living — “This is who I AM.”

It takes practice to be you — to discover and know who you are and consistently be one way. Owning who you are and doing it with knowledge and heart.

Sometimes we adjust ourselves and act differently in different places and situations. Why?

I find it incredibly satisfying and freeing to work at living in integrity — trying to be me — the same person at work — with family — friends — and strangers and, most importantly — me to myself.

Not living as myself is a painful and exhausting struggle and a waste of time.
I refuse to sell myself short and to be mediocre.

There is only one of you in all the world. That’s a powerful and moving fact. Why not be your true self?

A hero of mine is Dr. Martha Beck, and how she describes this process helps me know I’m right to be true to myself, and her profound words lead me home to my self:

“Once we commit to being our true selves in every word and action, we emanate the love that is our essence. Having left the anguish of being split and come into the blessed relief of being whole and undivided, we want — deeply want — to offer the same relief to others.”

You do not have to live as your true self. But think about it…

What happens if you dare to be you, and what happens if you don’t?

Thanks — Michael (he,him)