A large green fishtail fern against a white wall.
photo — Michael Feeley

I HAD A GORGEOUS fishtail fern growing outside our real estate shop.
It was there for two years, thriving!

I watered it faithfully two times a week, and many people told me how much they loved that plant, and one day it turned yellow and died.
Someone poisoned it.

I was heartbroken to see this happen.

Something living died at the hands of another person.

I love plants and do all I can to care for them. It takes commitment, knowledge, and an open heart to garden and grow plants — encouraging them to be all they can be. It’s the same with your self and other people.

– Killing this plant might be revenge — someone who dislikes us.

– It could be hatred of beauty — the choice to ruin something beautiful because you think it makes you less.

– Hatred for difference. It’s in the human race, history, war, art, racial inequality.

It’s the choice between respect and contempt for the world — for other people — even for objects that stand for the world — “I will see you and treat you any way I please.”

The fishtail fern stood for something and what happened to it is bullying. It’s abuse. The choice to hurt something vulnerable that’s minding its own business. It’s evil. It’s dangerous.

It makes me think — hurt people hurt people… and things.

Thanks — Michael