5 happy diverse people studying together

Equity and Equality

I’M GETTING CLEAR on the difference between equity and equality.

> Equity is how you treat people by accurately valuing what they deserve and need with kind, intentional awareness that some groups of people have a history of being denied what they need because of unjust, inequitable systems.

> Equality means everyone is treated the same.

Great care needs to be taken here not to lump people together with the idea of ending discrimination by treating all people as equal and not showing regard for the differences of culture and race.

Equity means everyone and every group is entitled to fair treatment.

All people are entitled to reach their full potential by having unlimited opportunities, resources, advancement.

People should not be stopped or harmed by power systems against equity.

I’m talking about eliminating barriers, changing minds and hearts, so any human being or group feels they belong — they’re supported and respected — that there’s inclusion for all people.

The word equity and its meaning are alive in businesses, organizations, and social life more than ever before and includes all kinds of differences — race, ethnicity, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, abilities, and disabilities+++

I’m working on myself and sharing what I’m learning because I desire to change myself and encourage change in others.

I’m grateful to be learning from — Hella Social Impact and
Mary-Frances Winters of — The Winters Group Inc.

Thanks — Michael (he, him)



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