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Describe Not Discriminate

We each are more than our names, given to us at birth. Much, much more. More than our resumes of one or two pages.

We have a surface and profound, amazing, intricate and complicated depths. Isn’t that fantastic!

Professional actor and singer — contractor — linchpin — doctor — headhunter — life coach — writer — photographer — mother — real estate agent — social media expert — website designer — accountant — hotel owner — chef — marketer — gardener — yoga teacher… some with pride and some with Blah, Blah, Blah.

  • What matters to you?

Labels can be helpful to describe who you are — your individual self, skills, purpose in life — to be free not to restrict — to describe not to discriminate.

Man — woman — father — daughter — Yolanda — Jason — Asian — French — LGBTQ — person — human being…

We make a name for ourselves and it should be one we love and respect.
It is your integrity. Your legacy. A good name. For me it is everything!

How essential is it that you be the same person inside and outside?

The same to yourself as you are to the outside world? One way. Consistent. True. Everywhere.

Do you have the commitment and the courage to be one way?
Living in integrity?

Well — that is a challenge and also pretty damn scary! To be whole. Entire in all aspects and areas of your life so that if someone examined you and your life, in every detail and billboard, they would say –

“Hands down. She is true to himself. She has integrity.”

That is what I am after. Who I want to be and how I like to live. That is the gold and diamond and platinum ring and I’m willing to work my head off to achieve.

Integrity and wholeness is achievable. It is attainable. It takes extra-ordinary commitment and work and wisdom. Love too and you have the capacity to do it and get it.

I reiterate some vital guide lines:

– Know Who You Are (Fortunately it’s a lifelong study with some immediate answers.)

– Like — Love — Accept Your Self Unconditionally

– Be True to Yourself

– Live The BEST Life You Can

I challenge you to do this exercise:

Make a list of your core values, qualities, assets and gifts because these are the facts of your life. The unique truth about you. (Do you want to know the the truth about YOU?)

Write them down because that makes them real and the list is unlimited to add on to. This is not truth or dare. This is the truth. Naming yourself.

I think of Shakespeare

And his impassioned, simple words from Romeo and Juliet — “What is in a name” — about the quality and essence of something. That if a rose is called something different, it would still smell as sweet as it does:

”A rose by any other name would smell as sweet…”

When you look in the mirror — eye to eye with just your self — (and this is not an easy exercise to face yourself) and then go deeper, straight into your soul… it is a mighty choice that take guts to see who you are.

You must be able to like what you see and feel. To understand who you truly are and then… who you want to be. Not tolerate yourself but like, love and accept your self unconditionally by seeing the truth and to live The BEST life you can from that seeing.

We are each greater than we think. Always and in all ways perfect — resourceful — highly creative — magical and worthwhile people…
“Wild and precious…” as poet Mary Oliver so perfectly says.

Sure there are things we want to change about ourselves, and we can. That is the simple, ordinary, great good news. Our hope to change and become better is powerful. HOPE leads us.

So does valor as we each share our gifts and shine. Go ahead — be blindingly brilliant. Sing your specific love song with confidence and freedom and unbounded emotion. Stand proud for who you are — This is who I AM —
and do it with all people, in any and every circumstance. This is who I Am.
I AM — I AM — I AMMMMMmmmm…!

Thanks — Michael



An Akimbo Workshop Coach (Seth Godin). Michael writes daily at Commit2Change

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