young woman etching herself

Being Known

I THINK EVERY person wants to be known.

We each want to be seen for who we truly are. Particular — Special — Sacred — Listened to — Cared for — Respected — Knowing we belong and have value.

We also need to help others know us by showing our feelings and speaking what’s on our minds and in our hearts, and that is not usually easy.

It’s hard to understand emotions and personal facts, choices, and world views that we have.

It’s scary to show your self. It takes courage to trust other people and share the intimate you.

The place to start, for anyone, is wanting to know and accept your self because then you can see what another person will experience by knowing you.

Thanks — Michael (he,him)



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Michael Feeley

Michael Feeley

An Akimbo Workshop Coach (Seth Godin). Michael writes daily at Commit2Change