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IS A DOCUMENT you create, to tell the truth about who you are.

You list all the facts about your life — anything that tells your story and enables you to say:

This is who I AM.

These are my core values.

These are my gifts.

These are my skills.

These are my dreams.

This is how I live my life without harming anyone else.

This is what I do better than anyone else on the face of the earth.

Go ahead create your document. Let your truth sing and soar.

Thanks — Michael (he, him)

(The Resume of Life was created by me — Michael Feeley)



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I AM SURE you owe people respect.

Respect includes understanding, kindness and sometimes with force, choosing to walk away from the negotiating table.

Kindness is diplomatic ferocity against evil.

“No. I will not allow you to speak to me with contempt, verbally abuse me, slander my name, or harm other people. I will stop your injustice and ill will.”

That’s the power of kindness. It’s fair to any bully or tyrant in the world.

Standing up for truth, the law, people’s rights, well-being, and what’s ethically correct is how you stop evil.

Thanks — Michael (he, him)