an abundance of white Frangipani blossoms in the sunshine
photo by me — Michael Feeley

“THE GOAL OF LIFE is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with nature.”
Joseph Campbell — professor of literature.

I am like this sweet-smelling Frangipani plant in my front yard.
If I match myself with it, I see this:

– It has one stem with many branches, lots of green leaves, and many gorgeous white blossoms flourishing together.

– I am one person with many different thoughts, feelings, choices, and attitudes doing many things in one day and with my life.

– Part and Whole

– Separate and Together

– Diverse…

Silhouette of a girl on a tire swing, under a big tree with a red sunset sky.

THERE’S A QUALITY of life you live daily — How happy are you with your life?

There’s a quality of life you dream about — What are you doing to live it?

A longtime friend told me she wants to live a simple life, and she’s going after it, relocating back to her homeland, doing work she loves, selling her present house because she wants a fresh start — getting back to what matters most in her. It’s a brilliant, doable plan because she knows what she wants for her life.

You only get one life; why not make it count every single day —
build and live your BEST life.

It’s possible.

Make the choice…


Do the work…

You’ve got this!

Thanks — Michael (he, him)

The book cover of Linchpin by Seth Godin— an orange fist holding a lightening bolt
Google Image

THERE’S A BOOK by Seth Godin that describes me —
Linchpin — Are You Indispensable?

It’s about my desire to do exceptional work — offering remarkable service — doing more than expected — aiming to be indispensable — to stand out with honor because the work I do as a Life + Career + Change Coach matters!

A big part of my work is encouraging others to be Linchpins.

Some people quickly see it and want it, picking up the Linchpin Torch and running with it, lighting the way.

Others are stuck by choice because it doesn’t matter. They’re comfortable…

A black and white striped lighthouse at night, against a purple sky with a big yellow moon rising up next to it and its shining beam)
(photo — Google Image — St. Augustine, Florida Lighthouse and Maritime Museum)

LIGHTHOUSES ARE LEADERS and built to serve.

They stand for hope and come in all shapes and sizes — stationed along coastlines and entrances to harbors. They’re inspiring to look at, fun to climb to the top with that vital huge bright light focused in one direction or steadily sweeping around.

Lighthouses are beautiful, majestic, with a practical purpose — they help us see — to light, guide, and assist ships and sailors in avoiding disasters by leading them safely from sea to land at night as a way forward, especially in dire situations of storms.

Lighthouses are not moody…

Lightening over the sea, through a dark and cloudy sky

WHEN SOMEONE PLAYS you, they try to take advantage of you.

Instead of being honest and direct, stating their purpose, they choose to be deceptive and play you for a fool — fishing for information, manipulating you until they get what they want.

It’s different from being played in a game of tennis where you agree to compete with someone else and do it with integrity and good sportsmanship.

When you discover you’re being played, it’s shocking, insulting, and damaging to the relationship. It breaks trust.

Recently someone played me, and it surprised and hurt me because I liked and…

Red Crown of Thorn blossoms mingled with green, feathery ferns in a window box
photo by me — Michael Feeley

I HAVE A window box filled with red Crown of Thorns and green Ferns.

It’s thriving — a spontaneous and pleasing combination of two different plants getting along in the same planter. It makes an impact.

The ferns planted themselves from spores blown in by the wind or carried by ants.

The Crown of Thorns has sharp needles all along its stem, while the Ferns are feathery, vulnerable and ever so delicate, breakable at the brush of a hand and resilient.

They work well together, and while some people wouldn’t tolerate the invasion of the Ferns, I like them and…

Blue Clematis blossom growing out of red orange bricks

I’M A MOTIVATOR. My work as a Life — Career — Change Coach motivates people to take action for change — choose what they want to change in their lives — then commit2change — build an achievable plan to get what they most want — and start the work.

Motivation is stimulus — inspiration — urge — incentive — it’s galvanizing!

Motivation builds on a deep organic desire to help yourself or another person go from where they are to where they want to be and be successful.

It’s digging into why someone wants what they want with realism and…

Happy encouraging woman in red sweater

WHAT ARE YOU — an encourager or discourager?

Does your presence encourage people to feel good — to want to know you and like being with you, or is it the opposite?

The same for your work — do you inspire people to learn and change, or do they have another response?

Some people will talk you out of your passions and dreams. They’re discouragers who know how to pull the rug out from under you.
Please stay away from them.

I’m practicing to be an encourager — to have a good effect on other people. …

Three colorful parrots — blue heads, green bodies with yellow, red and orange around thir necks.

LIVING OUT LOUD is a phrase I love! It’s bold and free, just how I want to live my life by being me.




Saying what’s on my mind and not hiding.

Going after opportunities and saying yes!

Doing things on purpose and encouraging others also to live out loud.

I first heard the phrase in the 1998 movie Living Out Loud (which has a terrific musical soundtrack).

Then I learned that the great French writer Emile Zola (a major figure in the exoneration of the falsely convicted officer Alfred Dreyfus) said it first:

“If you ask me what I came to do in this world, I, an artist, will answer you: I’m here to live out loud!”

It’s thrilling to read his words!

What do these three amazing words do to you?

Thanks — Michael (he, him)

Wind-up antique wall clock — large round dial on top and smaller round window below with swinging pendulum
photo — Michael Feeley

I HAVE A WIND-UP chiming clock that hung on the wall of our New York home for many years, and it never worked.

When we moved to the Caribbean Island of Saba, it’s been working perfectly for the past 10 years. So it was meant to be here.

Just like a clock, we each need to find a place in the world — a house, a location, a particular person — where we work well, feel comfortable, happy, at home.

Some things are meant to be (sure to happen), and then again, maybe not.

Something may not work out as…

Michael Feeley

An Akimbo Workshop Coach (Seth Godin). Michael writes daily at Commit2Change

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